charitable supporters

Arvin Gottlieb Charitable Foundation

Clay Blair Family Foundation

Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

Ina Calkins Charitable Trust

Service Partners Organization

Truman Heartland Foundation

Victor E. Speas Foundation

Wyandotte Health Foundation


Kansas City's Medicine Cabinet appreciates the support of these charitable organizations whose missions include supporting the health care needs of low income Kansas City area residents.


our supporters

We appreciate all those who financially support our programs.
The following is a list of those who contributed in 2011.

The PERFECT gift for the friend who has everything!

  A contribution in honor of a birthday, anniversary or any occasion is the solution for someone who's hard to buy for...and makes everyone feel good!
  A Memorial contribution is a lovely way to honor someone's legacy and help those in Kansas City with their medical emergency needs at the same time.
A card will be sent to your honoree noting your tax deductible donation.



Arvin Gottlieb Charitable Foundation
Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City
Victor E. Speas Foundation


Eye Care Optical
Financial Counselors, Inc.
HCA Midwest Division Office
Hometown Hearing & Audiology
Lathrop & Gage, L.C.
Neighborhood Tourism and Development Fund
Research Medical Center
Scout Investments
UMB Bank - Trust Department
Wyandotte Health Foundation

gold patrons

Anonymous Donor
Bank of America
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Mr. and Mrs. Mack Colt
Commerce Bank - Trust Department
Mrs. William L. French
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Gold

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Hartwig
Mr. and Mrs. Bush Helzberg
Dr. Susan M. Herzberg
Mr. and Mrs. John C. McKeever
Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Schultze
Dr. and Mrs. Mark R. Suenram

silver patrons

Burns & McDonnell
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bales
Mr. Thomas J. Bash
Children’s Mercy Family Health Partners
DeGoler's Pharmacy
Dr. amd Mrs. James Earnest
Rev. and Mrs. Roger J. Gieschen
Mr. Kevin J. Hicks

Mr. and Mrs. Rich Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Merrigan
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Roeder
Drs. Jane P. and Larry A. Rues
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Salanski
Dr. and Mrs. W. Jack S. Stelmach
Dr. and Mrs. Russell E. Tackett


American Century Investments
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Anderson
Kavitha K. Arabindoo
Mr. and Mrs. Ercell C. Arney
Mr. James R. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Blanc
Ms. Winnie Brown
Ms. Christine Burt
Dr. Lawrence Callaway
Donna Calvert
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Coppinger
Dr. Thomas R. Cotton
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cottrell
Bill Courtney
Ms. Bette E. Croes
Dr. and Mrs. William P. Donnelly
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Durie
Dr. Allan Fleming
Ms. Judith Flynn
Dr. Donna Forgey
Mr. and Ms. Kelly Goodburn
Healthcare Community Credit Union
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Herman
Dianne Hodges
Mrs. Linda K. Hokenson
Dr. and Mrs. F. Blaine Hollinger
Mrs. Lloyd L. Hollinger
Mrs. Susan Hollinger
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Johnson
Johnson and Johnson
Dr. Jennifer Kelley, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Lynn H. Kindred
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Laming
Ms. Susie Law
Ms. Marti K. Lee
Julie Lux
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Lynch
Melissa Marney

Mrs. Eileen M. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Gary McKeever
Dr. and Mrs. John Mitchell
Mr. Dale Mundhenke
Ms. Karen Murphy
Dr. Richard S. Muther
Ms. Christine Parrish
Ms. Rita Pearce
Dr. Donald Philgreen
Mrs. Susan Potter
Ms. Jackie Powell
Ms. Carla Powers
Ms. Carmen Roeder
Ms. Sandra G. Saeger
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Schaid
Ms. Dolores J. Schroff
Christine Sill-Rogers
Kelly Simpson
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Smith
Mrs. Olga A. Smith
Mrs. Cheryl Spiegelhalter
Stark Pharmacy
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stock
Mr. John J. Stone
Dennis Sweeney
Swope Health Services
Mr. and Mrs. Al Tikwart, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. David Tillema
Mrs. Kenneth Tucker
Ms. Patsy Welch
Mrs. Jennifer Wenzel
Mr. James R. Westbrook
Dr. Charles H. White
Mr. and Mrs. Jason L. Wilson
Dr. Julie Wood
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Wright


M.S.. E. M. Dosselmann
Carma Baldwin
Mrs. Jane Barlow
Kurt and Judy Bielby
Mrs. Neva F. Blakey
Diann Bond
Patty Brabbin
Mr. James N. Brown, Jr.
Ms. Martha Brown
Kimberley Bruns
Amy Bruns
Mrs. Delight Cain
Dr. William Campbell
Jennifer Case
Mrs. DeAnna Cox
Ms. Clarissa M. Craig
Jennifer Crisp
Mrs. Doddie DiPardo
Angela Dixon
Ms. Elizabeth A. Donnelly
Ms. Suzanne K. Draper
Sandra Dunnigan
Carly Duvall
Melissa Eckard
Ms. Karen S. Eoriatti
Mr. and Mrs. Emery Evans
Ms. Katherine E. Fairleigh
Mrs. Elisa A. Fernholz
Ms. Bette J. Friedberg
Ms. Regina Frigault
Ms. Rosalind Gaviola
Pete Giordano
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin L. Glazer
Mrs. and Mr. Gnefkow
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Goldman
Mr. William W. Gray
Patricia Gutowski
Mr. and Mrs. Hollis H. Hanover
Lea Harbour
Mr. and Mrs. James Hermans
Ms. Alpha E. Higdon
Marshall Honeyman
Mr. and Mrs. Stan House
Carol M. Hunter
Nicole Johnson

Jo Ellen Kasson
Becky Lobner
Janet Long
Ms. Eunice M. Lynn
Ms. Becky Lytle
Mrs. Elizabeth Mann
Ms. Katherine Marshall
Sandra McCay
Renee McGaughey
Mrs. Delores Meyer
Dr. and Mrs. A. Rauf Mir
Roxanna Mirza
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Montee
Tracy Moran
Ms. Billee Murphy
Kristina Panos
Dr. and Mrs. George K. Parkins
Mrs. Jamie C. Quinn
Dr. Nasrin Raina
Ms. Edythe M. Reynolds
Janet Ridpath
Rev. Charles Robertson
Debra Ruse
Mary T. Sargent
Ms. Deborah Schaefer
Harold E. Schmidt
Dr. Maureen Sheehan
Ms. Marilyn J. Sipes
Cynthia Siqueiros
Ms. Diana K. Smith
Jason So
Donna Tanking
Ms. Jane K. Tegeler
Erin Thompson
Ms. Janet Thornburg
Susan Timper
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Upton
Dr. Michelle Vieira
Dr. and Mrs. Leonardo C. Viril
Janet Wiersma
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Wisner
Ms. Julane Wolfgram
Ms. Linda York
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zeitler

Every effort was made to include all those who made a finical contribution in 2011. Please report omissions or corrections to the Foundation office (816) 276-7555.